Who Else Wants To Practice Yoga Poses With The Appropriate Precision And Start Seeing Results Faster,Avoiding Possible Injuries?

Well,Practicing Yoga Is Not Just Executing The Poses.Yoga Stimulates Inner Organs And Every Muscle Of The Body In Combination With Breathing, And When Not Performed Correctly Might Cause Unexpected Injuries.

When Starting Practicing Yoga,A Teacher Is Somehow Necessary.One Who Knows How To Guide You To Get The Most Out Of Each Pose,And Avoid Poses That Might Harm You Because You Already Have An Existing Problem Or You Are Not On The Appropriate Exercising Level.

But When Performed Correctly,Yoga Has Been Proven That Builds Fit Body Shape,Helps Lose Excess Weight,Helps Heal Several Body Disorders, Helps Calm The Mind And Fight Several Psychologigal Situations Like Depression And Anxiety.So It Is Very Important To Be Performed Correctly.

Yoga Is An Ancient Indian System That Its Purpose Is To Get The Yogi In Enlightment.In Our Days It Is Expanding Its Audiences From All Ages,As Everyday Its Benefits Get Known More And More To The People.

Start Practicing Yoga Today And Start Living A Healthier Life,And Get Your Body Fit And Full Of Energy And Health!

Continue Reading And Discover How You Too Can Start Practicing Yoga Correctly And Gain All The Benefits Yoga Can Give You.


    With the 100 Yoga Videos you will be able to:

  • Start doing Yoga correctly from the first time you start practicing
  • Level up on harder poses
  • Acquire a fit shape and better physical condition
  • Tone your body and muscles
  • Practice in your own hours anywhere
  • Create your own training program
  • and a lot more...


Dear friend,

Implementing Yoga in our routine is a major good we can give to ourselves.
It won`t only give us a fit body,but will overall affect our lives.Yoga is science,philosophy,way of living.It is a science that covers many different sections and aspects reffering to Human.Body,mind and spirit all have their part in Yoga.By getting into Yoga,one can achieve to live a healthier life,build a fit full of health and energy body,and calm his soul and mind.

It also will protect from ailments,will help recover from injuries faster,and in very many cases will help heal several disfunctions and problematic health situations.
If you are you willing to spend a few minutes a day practicing Yoga ,you can really start seeing soon the results on your body,your mind and your spirit. And with our 100 Yoga Poses Videos you will be able to follow a correct Yoga practicing and avoid injuries and improve your whole body,both from inside and outside.

Yoga is an ancient Indian system,that its purpose is to take those who practice it,to enlightment through body exercises,breathing and meditation. Practicing the yoga poses (asanas) the body gets stretched and toned,and the inner organs get stimulated by doing the exercises,and so they can continue functioning normally and healthy.Yoga has been proven to help fight several dysfunctions and ailments,to help recover faster from injuries and to concentrate.In our days many doctors include yoga exercises in their prescriptions,so there is no wonder why Yoga has become so popular among modern people of any class and why is gaining more fans everyday.For example one can practice certain yoga poses to reach a higher mental condition or practice other certain poses to relief his back pain.Yoga has the way to come around several body/mind/soul problems and there is always a sequence that will fit for anyone.

With the ability to practice Yoga anywhere,one can practice to maintain a fit shape and physical condition with just a few minutes practicing a day,without the need to go in the gym or get into another training program that requires running several kilometers.With just a yoga mat or even without ,one can start practicing yoga at home or outdoors while taking a walk in the park.There is no reason why not to practice a few minutes a day and gain so many benefits.Instead, a few minutes a day practicing should be implemented in our daily routine and we should look after how to be able to practice,particularly for those who are doing a seatting life or a life without any gym or motion.




Our 100 Yoga Poses Videos For Beginners are suitable not only for beginners but also for more advanced students. As its title says,it includes 100 Yoga Poses Videos,professionally recorded,that will help anyone to perform perfect yoga exercising.

Every pose demonstrated in the videos,is guided throughout its practice by the instructor and so one will be able to follow the videos and manage to perform yoga exercising correctly,and so to achieve better results faster and without any injuries.

When you have access to the videos you will be able to build your own training courses and exercise the part of the body you need. Find any pose you wish and mix it with others to build more relevant and effective training.

What better way to learn than with video?Start practicing Yoga in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you are with the videos, just playing them at your convenience and repeat them to achieve perfect exercises.

Here’s how 100 Yoga Poses Videos For Beginners will help you in your Yoga training:

  • Exercise Yoga poses correctly
  • Get better results faster
  • Avoid injuries
  • Build your own training course
  • Exercise anywhere you are

Take a look at how the videos look like,and download a sample video to see the quality and how it will work on your device:

Warrior III


Boat Pose

Warrior I

Reverse Table

Crow Pose

Fill the form below to download a sample video on your device
and see by yourself the quality of the videos,and also to see how the videos are displayed in your device.


With our 100 Yoga Poses Videos For Beginners you will be able to get into Yoga and start practicing the poses correctly,and you will be instructed which ones to perform and which poses you should avoid performing if you have any particular problem or if you are not on the right level of exercising.
  • Start practicing Yoga properly and avoid unwanted injuries
  • Get more flexible fast
  • Tone your muscles and all your body
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Calm your mind and your soul
As been said before,Yoga provides a healthy way of living and along with an appropriate diet you can get a super healthy boost.With only a few minutes a day practicing Yoga, you will be starting living a healthier life and enjoy it more.Your body and shape will be fresh and toned and you will start getting detoxified and clean your body.You will tone your cardiovascular and circulatory system and start adding years and motion in your life.

So,think no more and get into Yoga like millions of people do everyday.Download the "100 Yoga Poses For Beginners" today,and start your perfect practicing,like you had your private instructor to guide you through the appropriate poses for you!

And to make the package even better and even more comprehensive i am including a super useful bonus that will help you understand what Yoga does for your body and so will help you building your individual training courses to train specific parts and muscles of your body and stimulate your inner organs for faster and safer results!
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Bonus 1: Exercise Guide

This guide is what is says.Exercise Guide is an ebook in .pdf format that will guide you to find the right way on performing your Yoga exercising to get the best results and control and test every aspect on your training.It will safely guide you to improve your endurance,strenght,balance and flexibility and test your performance.It is a great guide that will help you organize your overall training.

Bonus 2: Beginners Guide To Meditation

Yoga is much more than physical exercises and Meditation is a very important part.Getting to know about Meditation and go a bit deeper into,will benefit you tremendously.

Bonus 3: Healthy Eating Guide!

Yoga and healthy living go together,and a guide that will provide useful info will give you the ability to customize your eating program and keep your self healthy and clean from toxins and fats.

Everything is included to help you start practicing perfect Yoga from the very first time.


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